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Syracuse Barter: A Project in Empowerment, Freedom, and Fairness

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I have recently created a new site, called Syracuse Barter, which is designed to help people find meaningful work that they enjoy, help them actualize their ability to be part of a thriving local economy, and ensure that they receive fair compensation for their contributions to the community.

More specifically, the purpose of Syracuse Barter is to help people in the Syracuse, NY area to directly exchange goods and services, bypassing the need for currency.

Syracuse Barter is especially intended to benefit people who may not have a lot of money, but do have a wealth of other skills, abilities, talents, knowledge, and/or goods. 

On the site, anyone can post what she/he may want, need, own, services she/he can provide, or topics that she/he can teach. Other members of Syracuse Barter can respond with similar information.

The only rules, so far, are:

  1. You must communicate respectfully and honestly.
  2. You must not post anything that violates any NY State or federal laws.

Syracuse Barter is a free service. If you would like to get involved with the development of this project, simply reply to the first post, titled "About Syracuse Barter," on the site.

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